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Analysis on Brent and WTI, US Energy Reform Outlook and Shell business –News Roundup (4th of August, 2011).

-Policies & Regulation-

* Venezuelan Energy Minister Rafael Ramirez says country does not discard compensation over nationalization [via Rigzone].

* The UK Department of Energy and Climate Change working on the implications and implementation of the EU “Energy Efficiency Directive” [via DECC].

* “Prime Minister Naoto Kan removed three top officials in charge of Japanese nuclear energy policy” [via The New York Times].

* EU Consultation on results point at the need of a simplified infrastructure project application  [via Platts].

* UK Government approves 900 MW gas-fired power plant [via Platts].

* US Department of Interior gives Shell an authorization to drill in the Arctic [via Reuters & The New York Times]


-Analysis & Opinion-

* Brent and WTI spread might get even more pronounced than expected  [via The Barrel]

* Wind power stocks fall amidst doubts of government support [via Reuters]

* Energy reform unlikely to pass the US Senate, says Representative Ed Whitfield, chairman of the House Energy and Commerce’s Energy and Power subcommittee [via Platts].

* US Electric industry reluctant to use gas more intensely, amidst the markets volatile prices and environmental concerns. [via Platts].

* Centre for Global Energy studies article “How much crude oil needs to be found?” [via CGES].

* Australian LNG producer Santos 1would prefer carbon trading scheme to carbon tax [via Platts].

* Marubeni seeks participation Rosneft’s Okhotsk Sea oil project [via Platts].

* UK Department of Energy and Climate Change statistics on insulation [via DECC].

* India’s solar installations grew 73% in 2010, though solar power remains 97% off-grid [via Earthtechling].

* US Natural Gas suppliers growth exceeds expectations [Here].

* Carbon Capture and Storage is not a myth, but a technology in its early stage of development. An article on Carbon Capture and Storage [via the Global CCS Institute].

* France and Benelux power remains steady [via Platts].

* An article on how the US populations perceives the peaking of gas prices [via Big Think].

* “Shale gas revolution as significant as 1970s oil shortage” [article via Platts].


-Business & Projects-

* Shell takes full responsibility over the Nigerian Oil spill that left 69.000 affected. A spokesman added that most of the region oil spills have been due to sabotage  [via Energy Live News].

* Trident Energy gets grant to develop the wave motion energy device [via Energy Live News].

* McDermott to construct Shell’s Gulf of Mexico Platform [via PennEnergy].

* UK’s Good Energy to keep prices until 2012 [via Utilities Savings].

* Siemens to divide its Renewable Energy division into Wind and Solar and Hydro [via Siemens].

* Record of wind energy in Texas supply amidst the heatwave [via AWEA Blog].

 * GE Energy delivered 11 gas turbine power generators to Japan. The deliveredequipment has a combined capacity of 1.5 GW [via Platts].

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